Huh.. score.. score.. and score..

Finally my Test  weeks is over..
so, i think, my mind will relaxing a bit because the nightmare is over..
BUT...  my score is coming out and it made me felt so... complicated..
i don't know, what should i have to do with my score..
it's not as bad as i think.. instead, i should have thanks God, because it still good..
but, if looked at my other friends score.. it made me so.. jealous and dissapointed...
why i can't have good score like them?? i just hate being the one who had a lower than the others..
*sigh* i know that a bad habbits.. but.. hearing all of my friends talking about their score ( even it's the lower one) made my head spinning around and my mood become so bad..
so, i decided to going home this weekend, so i will not hear anything about the score again...
ok, call me chicken.. but, this is me and my mood..
to lighten up my mood, i want to see Kyuhyun picture.. hehe...


Finally.. i'm updating this LJ...

Ok... Honestly, i have a Test tomorrow..
but, my brain just don't want to deal with all of Campus things..

so, Here i am.. For the First time.. Post my first Entries..

Btw, i just re-watched Super Junior It's You performance in SBS Inkigayo for the  5th time..
Damn, why they have to be SO HOT in that performance..
just can't get enough spazzing about them..